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About Us

Bait Anmar Establishment for Contracting , protection and insulation systems , is one of the first companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specialized in the supply , installation of thermal , water insulation , protective coating and concrete Repair . Bait Anmar Establishment is authorized by ministries , governmental bodies and consultants . The Establishment has grown steadily since its simple inception to become one of the leading companies in this field .we, in Bait Anmar have relied on clear objectives to realize its achievement , from the first step , by

focusing on the following strategies
Customer’s satisfaction
High Performance
Distinctive service

In order to realize these objectives , the establishment has dealt efficiently and successfully with most , if not all Franchise and local companies that manufacture water and thermal insulation , protective and cementation materials , such as MBT (BASF) , CIC , Fosam (Fosroc ) , AL-watania plastic , bitumat , A wazelDirmabeet , Sabetex , Al- Souf ALSAKRI , and other . In addition to that , our company has relied on well –qualified employees; engineers , supervisors , and technicians , as well the development of the administrative division to encompass all daily transactions , such as sales and the customers accounts , plus all information about the latest prices .Therefore , it became possible not only to carry out any project irrespective of its size or the degree of its complexity, but also ability to conduct the required studies and designs in this respect . Moreover , the administration of the establishment has insisted on providing the required flexibility in dealing with its customers to enhance the good relationship and the mutual interests .
Finally , we are sure that what we have accomplished has been achieved through hard work , and we will continue the same path , keeping abreast with the changes of the age .

Bait anmar establishment is one of the pioneering firms in waterproofing ,thermal insulation , concrete repair , flooring epoxy , screed epoxy, tank coating.and fireproof systems.

We successfully penetrated the market for a variety of projects governmental or private with the approval of the consulting firm in each project for our performance in terms of quality and duration.

We look forward to directing the construction market to involve reputable firms who are well experienced and technically sound in order to avoid technical mis applications



We aim to be an integrated group, pioneering with a considerable impact in the market to have authenticized relationship with our esteemed clients throughout a competitive working environment attaining the goal target for both parties.

we aim to build a reliable name for our establishment by covering the construction demand related to our activities range kingdom wide with the optimum performance in terms of quality and duration